Moving Around

Bicycling is an excellent way to get around town, travel in the healthiest of ways, enjoy the warm breeze and the friendly environment given by the locals of Puerto Morelos in a completely functional ecological vehicle and they can be rented at a number of places in town. You can also go around town perfectly by walking to enjoy the most of it.



T: +52 (998) 734 8132

Good selection of bikes to rent in Puerto Morelos. By the hour, day, week or month. WE love the care Green Bikes takes of their equipment and customers. These rentals come with night lights. They even have bamboo framed bikes you can rent for your adventure!! 

Prices are approximately $12USD/bike/day. And you can pay in US dollars, pesos, or via PayPal.


There are many local taxis around, they gather at a taxi stand on the west side of the main square in Puerto Morelos. You can also just flag one on the street. Rates are set, not metered, the cost of their services start on $25 pesos and the rate varies depending on the destination; anywhere in town it shouldn’t cost more than $30 pesos for as many people as you can stuff in. Always make sure you find out the price of a taxi ride before you get in to avoid disagreements.

T: +52 (998) 871 0090 / +52 (998) 208 8911
Unlike many other locations, in this service, taxis called via telephone have the same cost.


By far the cheapest way to travel around the Riviera Maya is using the colectivos. México could simply not run without colectivos. These are white vans that run a set route, in town or between towns. Prices are similar to a bus, but much less than a taxi. The in-town colectivo runs a route around the town, then goes to the highway and runs a route around the Colonia. Tell the driver where you want to go and he will work with you. You can use the colectivo to get to the bus station on the highway. Rates inside of town shouldn’t be more than $10 pesos.

There are also colectivos that run from Puerto Morelos to Playa del Carmen and Cancún, Departing every 10 minutes and cost $30-$35 pesos, you can catch them on each side of the highway depending on what direction you are going. For Cancun area, there is a small bus station on the east side of the highway, at the roundabout; and if you are going direction to Playa del Carmen or Tulum, there’s a bus stop at the Chedraui parking lot -the one located on the other side of town.

When waiting on the side of the highway flag them down like you would a taxi; a driver may also flash his lights at you if he has space. Sometimes drivers stopped on either side of the highway may beep at you to see if you want a lift in the direction they’re going. The drivers are familiar with all the towns, resorts and parks that are along Route 307, but they are also human so keep an eye out for your place just in case; shouting stop, or aquí ( meaning here and pronounced: Ah-ki), will work.


Playa Express and ADO buses travel along the Riviera Maya. There is a bus station on the east side of the highway, you can get there using a cab or colectivo (2 kms). Buses to Cancún or Playa depart every 15-20 minutes and cost a mere $28 pesos. The ADO bus service has an extensive route that provide access to the most popular destinations, from Cancún or Playa del Carmen bus stations, you can literally go anywhere in México. The ADO bus service can also take you to the Cancun airport.

To come back to Puerto Morelos the bus will drop you off where the main road into town, Calle Jose Maria Morelos, intersects with Rte. 307, the highway that parallels the coast from Cancun to Tulum. Taxis are usually waiting at the turnoff to shuttle people into town; strive for $30 pesos for the 2km ride.

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