Getting your groceries

The Chedraui Selecto has a large selection of foods, meats, cheeses, wines, beer, and liquor, the store’s bakery boasts fresh bread, cookies, cakes, and breakfast sweets daily. The fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant and very reasonably priced. You will find everything you would expect to find in a supermarket. Just south of the town square, the store is only a short ten minute walk from Casa Palma.

If you need just little things, there are also few “mini-supers” along Niños Heroes that offer everything you would expect to find in a convenience store, for a little wider selection the OXXO convenience store is stocked with simple grocery items, snacks, ice, alcohol, toiletries, etc., and located also on Niños Heroes, just further down south.

Fruit and Veggie Stands
For a small selection of  fresh fruits, veggies and fresh juices, you will find a small stand 3 blocks south of Casa Palma, on Niños Heroes.

Every Wednesday morning, there is FRESH PRODUCE MARKET in the Town Square (across from the church) that offers great fruits, veggies, and other local goods. Usually set up by 7:00 am and cleaned out by 1:00 pm. Make sure you try one of Gerry´s Homemade Eats, simply delicious!

West of the highway you’ll find numerous produce stands with fresh fruits and veggies. Chulim, which has two fresh produce stores in the Colonia, juice, eggs and other staples available. They open early at 7am. The first store is located 3 blocks behind the Pemex, on the corner of the road that runs beside the Pemex and the wide street. The second location is one or two blocks further west. If you ask the bus or taxi driver to take you to Chulim, they will be able to help you find them.

For Seafood, the Fish Co-Operative on the square has the best and freshest fish anywhere, just right out of the ocean. And Mariscos del Puerto on Av. Niños Heroes has frozen fish, shrimp and steak.

For wines & liquors, if you can’t find what you are looking for at the Chedraui Selecto, try La Europea in the Pemex Gas Station that is on the road that leads from the highway into downtown Puerto Morelos.

Niños Heroes No. 18, Puerto Morelos, Q.Roo, México. | +52 998 149 0807 | +52 998 219 3379