Driving in México

The highways and roads of the Riviera Maya –as well as throughout the entire Yucatan Peninsula– are super safe for regular, everyday use. Don’t be deterred from driving in Mexico, it is a very simple and logical road system, plus having a car gives you the greatest freedom whilst you’re traveling.

Little things responsible tourists do in Puerto Morelos

Read about how you can help us make a change and maintain this little paradise, little things you can do in Puerto Morelos when eating at Restaurants.

Where to eat & drink

Although there is many wonderful options to choose, in this list you will find our personal suggestions of restaurants we eat regularly. We hope that you come to enjoy the food they serve as much as we do!

How is the weather

You will be pleased to know that the average daily temperature is 27 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows you to lay on the beach any day of the year and the ocean is warm enough to swim in year round as well, although locals tend not to swim from December until February.Continue reading “How is the weather”

What if you don’t speak Spanish?

The great thing about the Riviera Maya is just how international the area is and how many countries there are tourist from.  English is by far the most spoken language besides Spanish. Many locals that work in tourism speak Spanish and English and sometimes Mayan. So speaking to someone at restaurants and stores is goingContinue reading “What if you don’t speak Spanish?”