Little things responsible tourists do in Puerto Morelos

Only 10-12% of trash is recycled in Mexico. That means we are producing and consuming way more than we can clean up or repurpose.  If we carry reusable grocery bags and bottles instead of disposable ones we will be part of the solution and support a radical change in local waste management. This are little steps you can do to help us make a change and maintain this little paradise.

Avoid the use of disposable plastics!

When you order take-away, please ask the waiter to skip a plastic bag, some places offer biodegradable food containers, if not available ask to have your food wrap in aluminum foil instead of polystyrene.

Use a fabric bag, a backpack or a basket for the Wednesday market or grocery shopping, and let the merchants know you rather skip disposable plastics!

Invest in a reusable water bottle, fill it up from purified water jugs (garrafon in Spanish) and help reduce the amount plastics we consume.

Avoid plastic straws! Try buying a reusable straw and take it everywhere with you.

Responsible tourism word phrases!

Sin popote por favor: No straw please!

Sin bolsa por favor: No plastic bag please!

Puedo rellenar mi botella?: May I refill my bottle
(in case you have one with you, ask at your favorite restaurant!)

There are endangered species that are still illegally commercialized, do not fall prey of the black market trade of endangered species and join the battle for our oceans from your dinner seat! 

Know what you eat!

Turtle eggs, meat or products are completely banned from the market, do not accept them, buy them or commercialize them. Shark populations have decreased dangerously and many species are near extinction. Make a pledge, do not eat Shark of any kind!

Everyone likes ceviche, but better make sure it’s the right time of year to consume it. Queen conch, Lobster, Grouper and Octopus are some of the species on seasonal fishing bans. 

Feel free to ask your preferred restaurant where the fish comes from.  

Here are the fishing bans in Quintana Roo, these are NO TAKE periods and that includes eating it, buying it, selling it or extracting it:

Queen conch (Caracol Rosado): February, and from June to September. Only certain cooperatives have permits to extract this animal. None of them are in Puerto Morelos.
Lobster (Langosta): March to June
Grouper (Mero): February to March
Octopus (Pulpo): December to July
All Sharks (Tiburón, Cazón): May to June. Although sharks are fished commercially in Mexico, it is increasingly important to refuse consumption of sharks to support the global movement of conservation of the marine environment. Shark populations have decreased dangerously and many species are near extinction. Make a pledge, DO NOT EAT SHARK OF ANY KIND!

Challenge your tour operators, service providers and lodging facilities. Ask questions about the role the businesses play in the conservation of Puerto Morelos and let them know you care! Feel free to make suggestions and share ideas so businesses can feel the interest of the visitors and drive positive change.

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