Experience Food in Puerto Morelos

Experience Food in Puerto Morelos

The charm of Puerto Morelos is also in its cuisine, with typical dishes that combine their Prehispanic and Spanish heritage, it offers delicious proposals to enjoy in all your meals.

Puerto Morelos has much to offer in the way of good food and drink along with its beautiful scenery. The pace is unhurried, friendly and relaxed. You’ll be treated like an old friend pretty much everywhere you go!

Eating in Puerto Morelos is delicious, dishes, both Mexican and international, are mostly based on freshly caught fish and seafood. Due to its geographical location, the typical food in Puerto Morelos is also very influenced by the cuisine of Yucatan and will surprise you with its exquisite flavor.

The cuisine of Puerto Morelos consists of cooking the daily catch and many restaurants make delicious Mexican and international dishes with fresh fish

Fish Tikin-Xic is an unmissable dish if you visit Puerto Morelos, product of the exquisite mixture of achiote and sour orange. This classic Yucatecan recipe will leave you in a gastronomic trance. Also to visit the Caribbean without eating ceviche, it’s as if you did not visit it. Other dishes with ingredients from the sea, like fried fish, Aguachile and seafood tostadas and tacos are also good alternatives at meal time, you can enjoy the breeze in any of the seaside restaurants, as you watch the fishermen arrive at the dock with the catch of the day.

A traditional Maya cooking technique is Pibil where some type of meat, together with orange juice, Axiote and cumin, are wrapped in banana leaves and cooked underground. It can be prepared with Chicken but the most common and also favorite amongst locals is Cochinita pibil, the pork comes as thin pieces of juicy, slightly smoky meat served with tiny tortillas.

Panuchos, salbutes and empanadas, are a typical meal within the community and also some of the delicacies that you can taste, each one with the outstanding local seasoning. You’ll miss out if you don’t make an effort to try some of the indigenous ingredients and dishes that make Yucatecan food something special. There are very few restaurants that offer it on their menu but to be honest the best ones are found in small stands on the street.

Like other places in the region, in Puerto Morelos a large part of the population comes from other countries, so it is common to find restaurants that offer international cuisine, such as Italian pastas, wood-fired oven Pizza, Argentinian empanadas and the succulent Uruguayan cuts amongst others.

You will find a range from cheap local places to world-class cuisine, the majority with English-speaking staff. All restaurants are locally owned, and you’ll find them usually behind the stove or in some way overseeing your meal for that personal touch making your dining a genuine treat. No need to dress-up – strictly casual.

Most of the local population lives on the west side of the Federal Highway 307 (the non-beach side). There you’ll find some excellent eateries; ranging from Mexican and seafood, to taco stands. Be aware though, you may have to brush up on your Spanish to eat over here, as English is not as widely spoken!

And whatever your weak spot is in the world of desserts, you’ll probably find the ideal option to end your lunch with something sweet while you enjoy day at the beach, or seating at the park enjoying the breeze. From the candy vendor walking the beach with the trays on their heads; to a delicious Gelato or a Marquesita – one of the most delicious creations to come from Yucatán.

The options are many, whether you’re in the mood for a steak and a glass of wine, pizza, shrimp or tacos, pasta, pulled pork, or vegan fare, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your appetite. Plus, you are only minutes away from the incredible selection of restaurants that Cancún and Playa del Carmen have to offer.

And if you are wondering where to eat, here you will find our personal suggestions of restaurants we eat at regularly.

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